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She would play alongside the horror legend in 1971's The House That Dripped Blood and The Wicker Man.Caught by the Germans, Pitt and her mother were interned at the Stutthof concentration camp. At first, as Selznick’s biographer, David Thomson, notes, the US producer felt that he had made a terrible mistake. Suddenly, Selznick realised that this was just the point. That was what made her so different from almost every other star of the period, hiding behind make-up and heavy lighting.Read press reports about Bergman and this unaffected quality shines through.

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Additional complications come from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, and from the above-ground nuclear tests done in the 1950s and 1960s.Meanwhile, Bergman has just been announced as the face of this year’s official Cannes poster. Selznick, who first spotted what made Bergman so special – and the quality about her that later enraptured directors from Alfred Hitchcock to Rossellini.Selznick had lured her over to Hollywood to star in the 1939 English-language remake of her Swedish success Intermezzo (1936). She wasn’t interested in having a Greta Garbo-like Hollywood makeover that would give her a new glamour; she was ready to head back home to Sweden rather than allow the studio bosses to mould her image.She survived the war and joined the Berliner Ensemble, where she worked under actress Helene Weigel, the widow of German playwright Bertolt Brecht. She left Berlin on the night of her planned stage debut, diving into (and nearly drowning in) the Spree, which runs through the German capital.

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