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For ex, in order to interact with it, you need to write a Java program, and using JDBC connectivity, you connect and interact with the database.

If this is the case, how can you use it in a 100% SOA based application?

and so on then // Insert the row into your table db.insert("TABLENAME", null, new Values); we can delete a row from the Table with delete method delete("TABLE ANME", String where, String[] values For Where) at Run Time ?

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Open( ) ' Create a data adapter object and set its SELECT command. To see the commands that are generated in Example 8-2, add the following lines anywhere after the declaration and assignment of the autogen variable: , etc.) in each of these statements. A Dataset object encapsulates an SQL query and supports chainability, letting you fetch data using a convenient Ruby DSL that is both concise and flexible.For example, the following one-liner returns the average GDP for countries in the middle east region: constant used to refer to the Sequel:: Database instance you create.It is seen many times that user wants to connect to a different database using the same adapter module or connect to an updated version of the same database.In these cases it becomes mandatory for users to update their JDBC driver using which the adapter will make a connection with the database.

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