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A recovering transient, he now lives in Ottawa after almost ten years of roaming across Canada and abroad.**Trevor Corkum: This is a dark, moody, compassionate, and generous collection. One story was actually called “A Plea for Constant Motion,” and it was about a guy who gets into some trouble riding a train from Zambia to the coast of Tanzania.

You mention in the acknowledgements that you worked with your editor to sift through a large number of stories. I think she liked that one, but I fell out with it pretty soon after looking at it more closely.

Another was called “Elephants,” and it wasn’t bad, but it seemed a little too much like “Hippos,” so we canned that.

Another was called “Versions,” and it was meant to close off a triplet of stories that involve Trevor (“These Rats Have a Job to Do” and “Burger Life Fitness” are the two preceding stories). It was a bit of a Natural Born Killers type thing and it wasn’t very good, so we cut it. I’d already written a lot of the stories and although winning the award was a great experience, it didn’t bring me much attention, so I didn’t feel like I was being watched or that many people cared if I ever wrote again. Those stories were so intense for me, and they were unapologetically interested in plot and escalation.

In this week’s Chat, I’m in conversation with Paul Carlucci, author of the deeply compelling new short story collection A Plea for Constant Motion.

Reviewing the collection in the Toronto Star, Robert Wiersema says Carlucci “writes beautifully of ugliness, immersing the reader in the minds and hearts of characters most of us would like to avoid, or, more critically, would prefer to believe didn’t exist.

The main house includes a screening room, a chef's kitchen, a gym, and design details such as dark wood floors, elegant crown moldings, and a dramatic layout designed for entertaining.

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