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Welcome to In Bed with Gigi Engle, a weekly column in which sex and relationships writer Gigi Engle answers your most intimate questions. From threesomes to anal, unrequited love to cheating: We want to hear it all. If you've Skyped a bunch of times and sent a ton of photos, you know he is (probably) who he says he is; or, at least, that he exists.I am going to visit a man I met on the internet in August. So I'm not that worried about it from that perspective, but you can never be too careful.Over half (62%) of HIV-positive men reported ever having a potential sex partner disclose Pr EP use; slightly less than half (43%) of HIV-negative men reported ever having a potential sex partner disclose Pr EP use.Out of all participants who reported a potential sex partner disclosing Pr EP use, 16% of HIV-negative men and 45% of HIV-positive men said they had condomless anal sex with a partner they knew was on Pr EP.Your friends need to know which hotel you're staying at and your room number, and you need to sync up your phone so they have a pin in your location for the entire weekend. It may sound like overkill, but your life and safety are NEVER to be taken lightly.If you tell me you're planning to go to where he is and not tell anyone, I will scream.Ok, so I know many of the people reading this are going to judge me and HATE me and I'm sorry for offending you, but I am only on here to look for guidance and advice.

Out of these men, 8.7% of HIV-negative men and 60% of HIV-positive men reported ever having condomless anal sex with one of those partners with an undetectable viral load.

You can be friends with members of the opposite sex, but nothing more than that until you’re ready to marry somebody. They are putting all of their chips on God, even moreso than others who are waiting till marriage but still allowing themselves to date. It’s OK to date and be romantically interested in members of the opposite sex.

People who choose this path are often extremely driven and deeply in touch with their faith. Example: The Christian rock band Barlow Girl is famous for embracing the “no dating” approach. And when you like somebody, it’s nice to be able to express that feeling with physical affection.

They don’t have a choice but to be driven and faithful, because their whole young life is just them and God. This approach allows you to date, have steady boyfriends/girlfriends, and express your affection for them in sweet but safe (and Christian) ways.

Anything beyond holding hands/kissing is going to be too tempting and violate your pact to be abstinent.

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    Love is an indescribable feeling that can often leave women eager to express their love to their partner; however, sometimes it is so intense that describing your feelings to your lover or husband can just seem impossible!