Nigerian male dating scammers arrests Sex chatlines in ks

Her money, credit cards, computer and jewellery were missing and Omokoh had returned to Nigeria.

The organisation, which investigates money-laundering and online scams, said Australian Federal Police informed officers last March that Omokoh had allegedly defrauded Jacobs of ,000.

With almost 61% of the Nigerian population in poverty, it also makes for easy money.“There are so many people trying to make a business out of this. One, it’s so easy to establish you just need a few hundred dollars to buy a computer, to buy internet, to buy data and that’s business,” Olukoya says.

Despite the frequency of scamming emails in Nigeria, one skillful con artist stands out.

He faced the country's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission court on Thursday where he pleaded not guilty to a 16-count charge of obtaining money under false presences.

According to the commission's website, Ramirez was arrested in April over the alleged scam.

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