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Rodgers had tried just about everything to turn this thing around.

Another tweeter chimed in, “You inspire me everyday!

ATLANTA — To appreciate the magnitude of what we saw Sunday in the last football game ever at the Georgia Dome, we must consider what was happening in this city the April day Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008. But the city not only hadn’t forgotten him; many in the city were keeping his seat warm and wanted him as their quarterback when he finished doing his time. The screams and chants sounded a lot like acceptance to me.

He was in federal prison in Kansas, serving nearly two years for dogfighting and animal cruelty. Crowd screaming for him as he left the field like New York screamed for the Beatles in 1964.

Into this tableau ambles a tall man with faded-orange hair cropped close around a crowning bald spot, giving him the aspect of a tonsured monk. Somebody tosses him a football, like a speaking stick."Hi, my name is Todd.

His face is all angles, his fair skin is sunburned and heavily freckled, his lips are deeply lined, the back of his neck is weathered like an old farmer's. I played waaaay before you guys were even born." Without his sunglasses, resting now atop his head, his blue eyes look pale and unsure.

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