Manullay invalidating session values on session time out

They must be configured by Note Native save handlers provide a quick solution to session storage, however, in complex systems where you need more control, custom save handlers may provide more freedom and flexibility.Symfony provides several implementations which you may further customize as required.I am using struts and tomcat and wants the user to be redirected to login page after session timeout.

In the next part, we will provide logic for session time, only if somebody logged in during his HTTP Session: First, we need to get the session from the request.In this example, we will configure maximum inactive time for the users in our system.After that time, they will be logged out automatically from the application.Seems that the session object relies on server for its GC.What happens when session.invalidate() is called: Both attributes and session object are destroyed immediately??? In fact it is the servlet container that creates the session object.

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