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Prosecutors say he was spying on more than 200 women through their webcams, even blackmailing some of them. Rossen Reports: TV and furniture tipovers threaten kids "People who are victims generally have no idea that they are victims," Stickley said. With dad Robert's permission, we had our expert hack into their computer. He sent them an innocent-looking e-card with a virus.Rossen Reports: New device lets crooks crack many hotel locks "They click the little link in the card and as far as they're concerned, they're going to see little quacking ducks," Stickley explained.The guy's GF responded by telling the woman she was a “heinous person.”Anti-PDA red sweater lady didn't like that shit one bit, yelling, As you can probably imagine, things just got worse and worse from there.I mean, what I just described was merely 25 seconds worth of a six-minute video clip you HAVE to see. I don't even know how I would have reacted if I were any one of the people tasked with defending themselves against that absolute poke-loving, PDA-hating tyrant. The folks over at Wet Paint uncovered a shocking discovery about the anti-PDA woman."This wasn't forced by me, but everyone got behind it and said it's the right thing to do," he said.

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With the help of agencies including Pereira & O'Dell and Mother, she introduced "Free The Bid," an initiative that called for agencies to include at least one female director every time it triple-bids a commercial production.

Could predators be spying on you and your kids through your computer's webcam? From thousands of miles away he broke into one family's laptop and turned on their webcam to view teen girls in their bedroom and in their dining room as the family ate dinner.

Authorities say criminals are now able to hack in and watch your every move -- without you ever knowing it. Now they can access your webcam remotely, watching your most intimate moments from the kitchen to the privacy of your own bedroom. "It took about three minutes" to hack into their system, Stickley told us. "Suddenly you're all over the Internet," Stickley said.

She told her they're waiting for her to finish up so they can continue placing their order.

The woman then commanded them to “go make out outside.” That's when things got FUCKING LIT in the worst way.

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