Dexter strickland dating callie rivers

Any suggestions on where to eat, shop and just check out.

Looking for places I may have never heard of or would never find as a tourist.

A similar family situation has been created with the Hensons.

John is one of the best players for the Tar Heels while his sister Amber is a member of the Blue Devils’ women’s team.

The couple have been keeping a pretty low profile, but Callie hasn’t been able to help herself from dropping a few hints. Ironically, Irving also sent well wishes to Callie Rivers’ most recent NBA ex Paul George just a few months ago.

So how does Kyrie stack up against Callie’s former baller boos?

The latest NBA locker room chatter is that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is currently dating Callie Rivers, the daughter of Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

She previously dated Dexter Strickland who USED to be good friends with Kyrie, who balled for Duke in his college days.

So apparently Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving has a new boo and it’s Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers.She stands tall with the height of six feet and 1 inch which makes her beautiful and very elegant woman.Her height is perfect for playing volleyball and is very convenient for her.Her father is none other than famous coach Doc Rivers. Her whole family seems to be engaged with some kind of sports.Her uncle Jim Brewer, Byron Irvin and Kenneth are sportsperson.

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