Dating someone with lots of debt invalidating the session in jsp

He knew that his girlfriend had gone to an expensive school and had attended for five years, but he had thought that much of the cost came from scholarships and student loans.With that revelation, Jeff is now rather afraid to continue his relationship with this woman.Also known as credit score, this is evaluated on the basis of an individual’s history of borrowing money and repaying debts.If he/she has defaulted on repayments, his/her credit rating goes down and the person is said to have “bad credit”.He does not want to join their finances and have to deal with the weight of this debt.

Everyone is individual, I get that, but debt from pursuing higher education is no-go? Since we’ve been together since we were 16 my debt was never a secret, he knew every penny I took on when it happened, so transparency was never an issue with us. We’re proponents of 100% combined finances so our money goes towards life and goals.Jeff is in his mid-twenties, as is his girlfriend, and both had been graduated from college for at least three years.The relationship was getting serious and Jeff was considering proposing to her.This mentality from the get-go has made our lives much easier.I don’t think I realize or appreciate how many arguments we’ve managed to avoid in our marriage because of this.

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