Cfagent not updating

This C based configuration management system can be manually executed, daemon driven and run by crontab and is controlled through a series of text-file configurations.Making use of a Every change you make on a server (“just to see how this setting will react in production”) contributes to drift – a configuration difference between servers that makes every subsequent change (and most deployments) riskier than the last.To refer back to this array we will use the name just because they both refer to the same file, but I could use any name), indexed by parameter name, and containing the value to set for each parameter.This is a common technique that we will use for passing key/value pairs in CFEngine, as it allows us to succinctly define values for configuration files, users, and many other parameters.Cfengine addresses drift by having clients regularly poll a policy server to fetch the master configuration file.

Although you could theoretically run a client and policy server on the same machine, this isn’t very interesting in a real data center environment.Your ) sysadm = ( [email protected] ) # This is with an ubuntu cfengine master server master_cfinput = ( /var/lib/cfengine2/masterfiles/inputs ) master_cffiles = ( /var/lib/cfengine2/masterfiles/files ) # The openwrt cfengine package likes things to be in /etc/cfengine openwrt:: repository = ( /etc/cfengine/outputs ) workdir = ( /etc/cfengine/ ) classes: openwrt:: has_opkg_updates = ( File Exists(/var/opkg-lists/packages) ) control: openwrt:: Default Pkg Mgr = ( dpkg ) DPKGInstall Command = ( "/bin/opkg install %s" ) DPKGRemove Command = ( "/bin/opkg remove %s" ) packages: openwrt:: vim-full action=install shellcommands: !has_opkg_updates:: "/bin/opkg update" This is not 100% ideal.Depending on your action sequence, you may not get the updated package list before the packages section. Or, this is a wiki, if you have a better solution by all means press the edit button :) Also, since CFEngine was not build with opkg in mind, comparing versions and such don't work.In fact, it can't really even know if something is installed or not, so it just opkg installs everything on your list.

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