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Here are some best practices that will maximize the benefit of data center consolidation. For larger organizations like the feds, data center sprawl can sneak up.

Suddenly there are far more facilities than necessary to run the necessary applications, storage, and backup.

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Consolidation of processes and resources which are similar in nature is possible through the use of a consolidated service desk, which in turn helps in improved customer service and response times, along with lowering of staffing costs.

Another use of a consolidated service desk is in reduction of the overheads involved in service management systems and processes.

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It is considered as a single point of contact for end users for providing multiple services, and is also the source for automation in the case of processes involving workflow.

The employee reaction to consolidation news is also worrisome, as inevitably some jobs will be cut.

What they may not realize is that if the data center shutdown isn’t smooth and the replacement services aren’t carefully evaluated and set up, the transfer process might eliminate any consolidation ROI.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to that sort of expansion is the spread of customer service agents: small teams now make up the bulk of centers.

As businesses create more centers and spread their agents thin, “this can make it difficult for headquarters to manage teams and deliver consistent communication and technical support to ensure world-class customer service,” states the infographic's corresponding news release.

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