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This catalog is based on product descriptions, and all the reported public awareness activities are listed by their general programs (e.g., education programs, community outreach) with a project summary and an identification of sponsoring agency or organization and contact person.

Cross- referenced indexes list products by State, detailed categories, sponsoring agencies, and pro- jects/programs.

LEAP 1990-1991 in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Primary acknowledgement for the LEAP Clearinghouse must be made of the many individuals and organizations who designed, implemented, and then reported on the public awareness projects compiled in this database.

They have been significant contributors to the preservation of our archeological heritage.

By a mis- take they entered the grounds of the rectory, and the old cur met them.

After bidding them " Bon jour " and telling them he was their " serviteur," he noticed that the gentleman wore a deep Roman collar.

However, to begin to address this problem, we need the resources to identify the magnitude of the problem and formulate concrete recommendations that can be im- plemented. Chairman, I would like to defer any further statements on our testimony to the director of our Alcoholism Program, but before we do that, I would like to extend the courtesy to Governor Alvino Lucero to first make his comments. We have been trying to work on this problem for many years. One friend of mine, who is an IHS employee in the Phoenix area and who will be testifying before your committee tomorrow, will probably say this again, but he stated to me one time that it ap- pears that neurosis, alcohol and drug abuse, and psychosis appear to be diseases of the young Indian in his or her productive life until about age of 40. If you want to smoke, you have to go outside of the building and away from the north wind. The alcohol and drug problems among this population has a devasting effect on schools, law enforcement, hospitals, family and society itself.

I 29.59/7: 990-91 3 1604 019 773 664 Listing of Education in Archeological Programs pu I F/UW ff8 I? Knoll DEPARTMENTAL CONSULTING ARCHEOLOGIST ARCHEOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM NATIONAL PARK SERVICE U. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 1992 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is the second catalog of the National Park Sen/ice's Listing of Education in Archeological Programs (LEAP).

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